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I believe these will sellout, and may prove to be among the most dearly HODL’d NFTs in many collectors’ wallets for a long time to come.

Some of the PHC images released so far.

In a time of almost every imaginable PFP NFT being offered, the team behind the Praying Hands Club (PHC) came up with one of…

A multiplayer roleplaying experience exclusively for The Sandbox Game.

My prediction about reader response to this article is that there will be two possible reactions: (1) “AWESOME!!!!,” or (2) “Wait … what’s The Sandbox?” Both are legitimate here, as not everyone knows about The Sandbox just yet. But it’s already…

A handy glossary for newbies!

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

New to the NFT space? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. But, you’ll definitely start reading and hearing terms that you may not have encountered before. Some are particular to the NFT world and others are imported from other related industries. …

An article that started as a ride-along to witness a buying frenzy, but turned into witnessing a failed attempt to launch. But, I’m certain they’ll be back!

Screen grab showing their “Boonji to the Moonji” headline.

My previous article talked about the financial and investing aspects of the Boonji NFT drop. In this article, I’d like to ride along…

Jim Dee

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