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Founder and chief generative coder at “We help mint millionaires!”

NFTs, Defi, Cryotp, Anarchy, Art

🔥 Now that’s (an expensive) fire!

The other day, a cryptic letter landed in my inbox. The part that caught my eye read: “TLDR if you don’t read anything else: we want to burn around $1,000,000.”

At first, I didn’t take that literally, as people tend to use the verb…

NFTs, UX, Investing

An article that started as a ride-along to witness a buying frenzy, but turned into witnessing a failed attempt to launch. But, I’m certain they’ll be back!

Screen grab showing their “Boonji to the Moonji” headline.

My previous article talked about the financial and investing aspects of the Boonji NFT drop. In this article, I’d like to ride along…

NFTs, Investing

Find out in just two hours! 10–13–21 / 6pm EST!

In my article “Upcoming NFT Drops that Look Promising for Investors” last week, I discussed the much-hyped Mekaverse NFT drop, predicting (as pretty much anyone in the know could have done) that it would be epic in terms of the…

NFTs / Investing

Looking into a perhaps oft-overlooked resource on OpenSea, pretending that we’re an average, small investor with about $1,000 to speculate with.

Aside from being the current leading NFT marketplace for browsing and buying NFTs, OpenSea has a particular page I’ve become obsessed with lately. …

NFT Collecting and Investing

Presale October 12 / Public sale October 13

For those living outside Australia, the term “Mo” may call different things to mind, among them the terms money order or modus operandi, the abbreviation for month or Missouri or, if you’re British, it might be a short word for moment. …

NFT Collecting and Investing

Following an insanely huge NFT drop.

As I mentioned recently, I’ve been closely following the MekaVerse NFT drop, and particularly dying to be able to mint a couple of these robots for myself. It’s the most insanely popular NFT drop I’ve seen. Just three days ago, I mentioned in this…

NFTs, Investing, and Collecting Cool Art

Ready to Profit from NFTs? Here are some ways!

Screen grab from the MekaVerse NFT drop, a hot upcoming opportunity for collectors and investors.

A potential client from a Wall Street firm emailed me recently and asserted that I “have alpha” in the generative NFT space. What a thing to hear, eh? He was far from correct, of course, but I took it as a…

Generative NFTs

No idea what this pic means, but somehow it seems appropriate. Photo by Fábio Lucas on Unsplash

At the end of August, OpenSea reported its first week surpassing $1 billion USD in trading volume. In case there are still any doubters out there as to the escalation and seriousness of the NFT market, that milestone should be a wake-up call. As many of you know, I’m immersed…

Generative NFTs

777 “Bad” Monsters hit the blockchain and sell out in 35 minutes.

As you may have read, I like to do “ride alongs” on NFT drops, kind of live-blogging (or rather live-screen-grabbing) during the process. It’s always exciting, and is generally educational as well because it helps me understand the…

Generative NFTs

Get them in the code, but be aware of potential consequences.

Whenever I do a generative NFT art project for a client (which you can learn more about here), one area that invariable comes up involves various traits that conflict with one another. Even most simpler generative NFT sets have…

Jim Dee

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