Founder and chief generative coder at “We help mint millionaires!”

Some of my favorites and some I’ve worked on that are still available to mint.

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash. A few lovely ladies at a carnival, surely looking at their latest NFT purchase on that phone.

Before starting, I just want to note that my main objective in writing on Medium is to help generative NFT teams understand what is involved in building and launching a generative NFT set — from…

A look at the set, and an intro to Theta for those unfamiliar.

A selection of the grand Order of the Tigons, from the Order’s web site.

Up until now, I’ve mainly written about Ethereum-based generative NFT sets and the OpenSea marketplace. But recently, I got a call from a team asking if I’d like to do some generative art programming for an upcoming…

I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve been on 15 generative drop teams and have seen some activity on this!

Photo by Kristian Egelund on Unsplash

Having programmed around 150,000 NFTs to date, I’ve seen pretty much every generative art scenario you can think of. And one issue that crops up on almost every single project I’ve…

How many to include, what they should look like, and how to do them.

A pic of the most-rare Yakuza Cats Society NFTs.

So far, I’ve had the good fortune to do the art programming for almost 20 generative NFT drops. About half of them are launched (many sold out!) and many are in development still. (Three of them…

250k members. Design + Fashion = a meteoric rise in popularity!

The C-01 NFT drop is a collab between Gilberto Zaragoza, a master sculptor and 3D concept artist with experience at Warner Bros, Disney’s Marvel, Netflix — and Luis Monteiro, a French fashion designer with experience at Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chloé. So, perhaps much of the unprecedented hype around this drop stems from the reputations of these two deeply experienced individuals.

Wow, here we are just four days into 2022 and, if you’ve been offline for just a few days, you could have literally missed what’s shaping up as one of the larger NFT drops (as measured by the size…

Taking a break from generative coding to look at some smart contracts.

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

I’ve written before about Budweiser’s recent NFT drop and Pepsi’s, comparing and contrasting the two a bit. But, there’s one interesting aspect I don’t think I covered in-depth here, and that’s the major difference in their Ethereum smart…

The more traits, the better — to a degree.

Photo by Jingming Pan on Unsplash. People LOVE gold items. Read about that below. :-)

If you’re new to making rarity tables for generative NFT sets, I recommend reading my previous article on what they are and how to set them up before reading this one. That article is here:

Okay, so now you know what…

Examining issues and problems faced by Budweiser and Pepsi

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash.

My company,, handles generative NFT drops for what you’d probably (until lately) consider “normal” NFT drop teams. That is to say, we’ve been involved in drops ranging from those with little to no fanfare all the way up to drops…

Jim Dee

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