Jim Dee, OG Web3 Dev & Generative NFT Code Expert
Jim Dee, OG Web3 Dev & Generative NFT Code Expert

Hi There! I'm Jim Dee from GenerativeNFTs:

We're a web3 tech company specializing in large-scale 10k generative NFT drops, handling all of the tech and generative coding needed to bring multi-million-dollar projects to life for web3 teams worldwide. Since early 2021, we've worked on around 30 generative NFT drop teams!

I co-founded GenerativeNFTs along with my wife Wendi in 2021 after going viral for my generative coding writings here on Medium.com. I'm sometimes jokingly referred to as “the Michael Jordan of generative art coding,” probably because of my complete obsession with generative NFTs in particular. I'm likely the world's leading authority on rarity tables and probably some other aspects of generative NFT coding as well.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, I became particularly experienced in complex, international, large-scale web3 project management. Some projects sold out instantly and became famous, others sold out over time, and others struggled to find visibility. Still, when I add it all up, the NFTs that came out of my personal computer have accounted for revenues well over $40 million USD in value.

My blog here on medium contains many hundreds of articles, with the latest 100+ pieces being on the topics of generative art, NFT team building, NFT team management, NFT strategy, and much more in the web3 space.

While I code ETH-based smart contracts and React-based minting applications, I'm especially sought out for my generative NFT coding expertise, for which I've produced well over 200,000 generative NFTs to date (with around 100k more in the hopper currently).

I've been fortunate enough to have spearheaded many sellout sets (all on the ETH chain except for one on the Theta chain -- the "Order of the Tigons" drop from "Napoleon Dynamite" actor Jon Heder).

I'm a full-stack dev -- Solidity / Hardhat, React/JSX, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, and have personally deployed 13 smart contracts onto the Ethereum mainnet. I'm accustomed to working with executives and team-leads worldwide, have excellent contacts worldwide in the NFT / crypto space, and have numerous friends in related areas such as metaverse builders and crypto entrepreneurs.

Previous to web3, I enjoyed a successful career in web development, marketing, business development, and publishing / journalism. My business experience ranges from self-employment thorough corporate positions with some of the largest companies in the world (Deloitte, Prentice Hall / Simon & Schuster / Wolters Kluwer, etc.).

In my spare time, I like to compose music (especially ragtime piano) and write books. Although it may be tough to prove, I like to mention that my 2019 novel CHROO (about the world’s richest dog) may have been the first to include an actual crypto address within the text!

Medium member since November 2017
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Jim Dee, OG Web3 Dev & Generative NFT Code Expert

Jim Dee, OG Web3 Dev & Generative NFT Code Expert

Founder and chief generative coder at GenerativeNFTs.io, Web3 Tech & Strategy Experts