Clearly, you’re a gifted individual. So, it’s good to see that you’re well established on Medium (and I see elsewhere, as well), working on your craft and interest, putting content online at your age, and interacting with others. I say that because, without such an outlet for creativity, life can be challenging for those for whom school may be a bit of a let-down on various levels (both academic and social). For the record, I wouldn’t even have mentioned your age had I not read it in your bio; I’d have simply read and enjoyed your content. So, I’m not saying your writing is “good for your age”; I’m saying it’s good, period (but impressive for your age, as we adults don’t see many 12-year-olds who can write well).

My gut is that, by publishing your age, you may well get a lot of unsolicited advice and opinion about it, such as what I’ve written here. :-) As for that, my own unsolicited advice would be to ignore 99% of what comes your way (aside from compliments, lol), and do whatever “sparks joy” as (Marie Kondo says). It may not lead to success, though… I find, whenever I write for just me, the topics are weird and I sometimes get zero responses. But, I still enjoy the process. Here’s one that I think absolutely no one read:

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