First of all, this article is called “What I Do…” — not, “What Everyone Should Do…” I can only relay my own experiences, in case they’re helpful for others. You don’t know me, nor what I’ve been through diet-wise. You have no clue what I’ve tried, haven’t tried, my genetics / metabolism, etc. So, you can take your rude boomer opinion and, respectfully, cram it sideways up your bum.

That said, the REAL question you should be asking here is: “If this works, why aren’t you living 100% like this all the time?” Well, I did do that, and it WAS perfectly sustainable, though it did take some discipline (just as, say, exercise does for many people who do that to maintain health). Calling the ingestion of raw fruits and vegetables a “crash diet,” though, is misleading. A crash diet would be something like Atkins or Weight Watchers or whatever— one of those regimens or protocols for which the fundamental issues aren’t truly addressed. I don’t need some diet that says “You can eat 2,000 calories/day, and no more” and then those 2,000 calories come from crap. THAT is what’s not sustainable. Whereas fruits and vegetables are natural and WILL NOT hurt you. The FAD is living *away* from what is truly natural.

You recommend that I “devise sustainable lifestyle changes which mean you don’t have to go into a damaging crash diet every time you go to see your doctor.” Well, that’s exactly what raw veganism is for me. It is NOT damaging in the least; in fact, it’s HEALING for the reasons stated (e.g., NO processed crap, no refined sugar, nutrient-dense foods, etc.).

I appreciate your concern, rude as I believe it was stated. But, I think it’s misguided and potentially harmful if others happen across this very helpful article looking for a possible new/healthy approach, only to be sent away by a comment like yours. If you didn’t mean to be rude, then I apologize for my tone here, though I’d suggest you look into communication styles that are a bit more diplomatic rather than borderline troll-ish.

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