Handy tips. I’m esepcially excited to look at And Co, as I was curious if anyone out there was giving Freshbooks a run for their money. I do love FB currently, but a few things there *really* annoy me, which I’m curious to see if And Co solves. One thing FB does that I absolutely hate is that, when you’re doing client work on the clock, and you press pause to take a call or go to lunch… when you return and work again, it treats that as TWO time entries on the invoice. So, sometimes I press pause like 10 times durng a couple-hour stint. Then, when invoice time comes, it’s a mess & I have to manually consolidate all of those 10 things (which look like dupes / errors) into a single one. THEN, I have to search my time records for any unbilled ones (because those other 9 are still in the system) and delete them. This is a new “feature” of their recently updated system. So…yeah, I would love to get away from them if/when a better solution shows itself.

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