Hi Jackson- Hmmm… it’s been a while since I published this article & was using Youtube’s API. When I was using the API, it was for a client, using their account API key, and working with their particular videos. I’m not sure if the API allows you to work with Youtube in general (although it may well), and/or if it will allow you to search / fetch vids from particular channels. That does sound like reasonable functionality to me, but each API has its own rules, of course. I’m gonna say “probably” at this point… the API itself says “The YouTube Data API lets you incorporate functions normally executed on the YouTube website into your own website or application” — and, performing a search is such a function. But, in the end, you’d need a dev to code up some tests to see if what you want, exactly, would be doable. Sorry for kind of a non-answer, but it’s been a while now since I’ve used this particular API.

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