I like to think of it as a giant F-U to all of the needless superficiality in the business world. I cashed out of Corporate America 10 years back & haven’t worn a jacket or tie since. I like the ideas in the article, but don’t forget that a lot of people (esp. tech folks) simply don’t care about brand names, suits, collared shirts, business casual, fashion in general, etc. We just like doing cool tech stuff. So, t-shirt & jeans is a-ok. One other point is that there’s a cultural difference in this country between east & west coast. We’re way, way more casual out west than the stuffiness you find back east. I’m out west (in PDX), and am a self-employed web developer here. I can walk into any business — from smaller businesses up through big corps — wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie, and actually get the job. 99% of the time, the clients also are not wearing suits. I’d never have been able to do that successfully if I’d stayed back east. Management in general isn’t too tech savvy, of course. So, there’s also a certain leeway that we tech people are afforded. Corporate mgmt probably do not like our style, which they surely view as our not playing the game, but they put up with it because they can’t build the tech products themselves. Anyway, it’s a dynamic topic. I see the time management aspects of it as a potential bonus, but not the whole reason for it. :-)

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