I probably do have some applicable writings on here somewhere… have published 470 stories! That said, the one thing I do tend to notice is exactly what you mentioned — transitioning to more of a marketing vs. journalistic role usually pays better. I was an English major — started out in publishing a long time ago & got into doing journalistic pieces for legal pubs. It was nice, but only in big markets like NY and DC (and probably LA) could you find decent writing gigs. Later, I discovered that much of marketing and PR (and corporate communications) is hugely writing-oriented. It was a real epiphany. I still remember in the 90s turning down a nice reporter job that I really would have loved. It paid like $25k or something & demanded a ton of output. But, I also got an offer from a corporate marketing department… same thing (writing), only it paid like $40k, and the marketing job after that paid like $60k, and the one after that $75k. So, I turned myself into a marketing person & never looked back. So, yeah, there’s always more $$$ on the marketing/PR side of the road. Perhaps not the prestige and swagger that comes w/being a successful/known writer in the world, but it’s nice to afford a life, too. (And, besides, one can always write novels (or whatever you like) on the side.)

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