I think, like any new tech that subverts the old system (Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, etc.), there will be bumps to be ironed out over time. But, in the end, I think these are positive developments. We stay in Airbnbs a LOT. And, yes, we’ve run into a few issues along the way, a few times having to find other accommodations when something went wrong (bedbugs once, bait-and-switch once or twice, and a few other more minor things). But, on the whole, it’s been highly positive and has allowed us to travel more. My wife’s more of an expert than I am at booking, but from what I understand, about 95% of the issues most people cite about Airbnb can be avoided if you’re highly savvy and diligent with your research. Much of that involves looking into the renters closely — their reviews/ratings, and their other listings. You can (almost always) tell, with some effort, which ones are doing things underhanded, which ones are difficult, which ones are possibly not legit, etc. But, you can really study their reviews, at how many they have, at the other travelers who are giving the reviews, at the photos, etc. The money saved is often decent, but the “cost” of that savings is all of the time required to ensure that the host is legit.

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Web guy at ArrayWebDevelopment.com; author of books & blogs. See: JPDbooks.com.

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