I think that, mostly, it usually shows that you’re (1) entrepreneurial, which most savvy businesses appreciate, and (2) a good worker — the “hustle” part that most employers also appreciate. It’s also good to share your side hustle because it shows who you really are as a person, which increases the likelihood that you’ll get a decent match, Also, it establishes the fact right up-front that you have a personal life aside from the new job, and also that you are using that time to further your own business. This latter point helps to eliminate employers who want to feel like they own you 24/7, who will simply ask too much of employees, or who frown on “moonlighting” — which are all the worst jobs in the world, anyway. So, you’re only doing yourself a huge favor by being transparent.

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Web guy at ArrayWebDevelopment.com; author of books & blogs. See: JPDbooks.com.

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