I’m baffled by this same topic. My personal best is still at around 1k views, but that turned out to be a fluke — and, interestingly, also an experiment. I purposefully wrote a story with a provocative title and photo, just to see if, as they say “sex sells.” Indeed, that was my highest-looked-at story to date, but as I said, still only like 1,000 views. I have zero idea how some of these people get tens and hundreds of thousands of views. I have almost 1,000 followers now, but still most of my pieces get like 10 views alone, or maybe like 175 or so if they’re in a publication. I feel like I’m doing something wrong, or maybe what I’m writing is absolutely boring crap. lol… Nice article!

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Web guy at ArrayWebDevelopment.com; author of books & blogs. See: JPDbooks.com.

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