I’m continually surprised at the cult of Steve Jobs. By almost all accounts, he was a miserable boss, yet the business world holds him up as an example of the ultimate CEO. It certainly begs questions like: Is it truly worth having an arrogant bully running a company to get success? Is it possible that one can be a visionary and be successful, and NOT also be a complete a-hole? Why not strive to attain the positive / visionary aspects and results of someone like Jobs AND also get rid of the negative aspects in our leaders? No one ever says that!

I wouldn’t have worked for him, nor would have ever hired him — not if he was an unknown miserable person I didn’t know, and certainly not after he’d proven the kind of man was was (at least according to so many accounts I’ve read). If that meant potentially less success, and a happier bunch of workers at my company, I’d be happy to take my chances.

In fairness, I hadn’t heard anything negative about David Ogilvy’s personality — just his lack of credentials, as you noted, which I wouldn’t hold against Jobs or anyone. I actually agree 100% that credentials are lower on the priority scale over ability, drive, talent, etc.

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