In the SEO point of view, this is considered as a Spam Link.

Hi Myil- Thanks for writing. I’ve heard that, too, but am not sure I agree. I’m sure someone, somewhere has some data to backup that claim, perhaps under certain circumstances. But, I just don’t believe that a single link, just because it is in a footer dov or something, is always bad for SEO. So, I guess I disagree with that. No one can say for sure. But, if you have evidence from Google itself, then I’d be happy to see it. Any other source is simply opinion. Of course, all of that is *my* opinion. lol. Put the links, though. SEO or not, if you do a site for Client X, and someone sees that link and follows it, you will get more business via the referral. That’s what it’s there for — -referral value, not really an SEO tactic. For SEO, do things like blogging, videos on Youtube, and other time-honored SEO best practices.

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