I’ve only been curated a handful of times, though I’ve published 100s of high-quality, not-self-promoting content. I suspect there are more reasons why people don’t get curated, in addition to those you’ve covered. One is that I suspect the # of articles published daily here far exceeds their ability to review and possibly curate. There’s just no way they could keep up w/ the volume. Second, while they apparently don’t like lead-generation, there doesn’t seem to be any guidance on what constitutes that. If you put up a 1,000-word article on widgets that is highly informative and useful, and then pop a CTA at the bottom, is that lead generation? I’d like to know, as my articles all have a paragraph w/ links to various connections of mine, books, etc. It sure doesn’t seem like a lot to me, but who knows what the rules are? It’s tough to play the game when the rules are hidden.

That all said, at least Google doesn’t mind if your content is on Medium. I get a good amount of readers, even if Medium doesn’t seem to want to curate me. Another article I saw recently (I think from someone else) said that part of the curation “rules” are that your profile pic s/b real and not some drawing or cartoon, etc. Well, hell, I didn’t know that! Mine was a clip from The Big Lebowski, as I thought that was funny. But, was that keeping me from getting curated??? Again, I’d really love it if they’d not hide the ball here & just tell us specifics on what they’re looking for and what constitutes no-nos.

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Web guy at ArrayWebDevelopment.com; author of books & blogs. See: JPDbooks.com.

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