Man, some comments here are negative! I don’t need to be “schooled” by pro photographers opining about how photography is an art form that no one understands but them. I already know when I need to hire a pro vs. sourcing freebie shots for various things, and so do most other people. God knows that, for a cover photo for a Medium blog article, no one wants to license an overpriced image from freaking Getty. (Hell, I won’t use them for anything…) This new resource is an amazing tool. Photographers, don’t be so insecure; you’re still needed & appreciated. Just not for every damn photo. If I need a picture of a tree, I don’t need freaking Ansel Adams.

I’m a web developer, btw, and have worked as a paid photographer from time to time. But, in my field, it’s the same thing. Now, everything is Wix & Shopify. People are doing themselves what once only a much smaller % of people could do. You just have to learn to change w/ the times.

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