My background is similar in terms of experience, and I’ve done tons and tons of projects on handshakes alone. That said, my client base (which I also feel is very strong, as I’m pretty picky, too! — a perk that comes with experience and success) *sometimes* does get into slightly risky areas where I may miss red flags. So, I decided to take a hard look at my own contract & have been building it out for years. I’ve actually *expanded* mine to help serve as a client education tool, as so many web clients aren’t super tech savvy to begin with. So, within the document, I spell out a lot of particulars — which, yes, is a bit tedius to read, but it’s actually been a positive experience. I think your take is simpler, and absolutely fine for any *good* developer. (Like you, I’ve never found myself in a bad situation of having to enforce a contract!). But, if anyone wants a full document to use and/or build from, here’s where you can grab mine, for whatever it’s worth:

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