Nice read, August. I like this advice. I think most people understand it’s just a recommendation (based on your experience) and not a rule or anything. One thing I’ve noticed, having done the NaNoWriMO challenge a few times is that, if you shoot for 50k words in one month, that’s about 1,667 words per day — which rounds out to, roughly, one chapter daily at your target length here (1,500 words). My experience has been that, during my own NaNo tries, my chapters turn out to be roughly 1,000–2,000 words. So, I feel like I’m in a similar boat in terms of this length preference — and likely for similar reasons. But, of coruse, if a chapter wants / needs to be 500 words or 3,000 words, so be it. BTW, I think I recall a title-only chapter in a Christopher Moore book I read a while back. It was literally just a chapter title, and then it went on to the next chapter.

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