Reddit really is a different animal, and it can be difficult to leverage for any self-promotion because, most of the time, you have to have been on there for a good while and have “karma” (as they refer to their reputation system) built up before you post, and you also often need to demonstrate that you participate via commenting more than you post your own material (unless the subreddit is specifically for posting your own — in which case, it seems, few people actually read those, anyway). In all, I think it’s a good thing that they’ve designed it this way, as it’s a great place to go to get away from self-promotion. When one *does* self-promote, though, it’s usually in an unexpected way. For example, you probbably wouldn’t want to go into r/writing and always post links to your latest articles. But, if you write a piece analyzing, say, Stephen King’s use of language, then you could probably do better by sharing that particular piece in a horror subreddit. But yeah, it’s a weird one. A lot of pieces go viral from having been on reddit somewhere, but I don’t believe it’s often posted as a self-promo. It’s more of a luck thing where some influential reddit user notices something someone else has done and draws attention to it. At least, that’s what I presume is happening. I’ve been on there a year or so & am still getting a feel for the vibe of that wonderland of weirdness.

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