Spot-on analysis here. It’s sad that the #1 comment on this article has to be someone who doesn’t get it. Quick / silly story to illustrate that: I moved to Portland, Oregon, in 2010, into a very Portlandia-type neighborhood w/ a serious arts vibe — buskers everywhere, street art, general Portlandia-style weirdness everywhere. Soon, I was asked to join a business group representing the shops on the big shopping street near me, which I did for a while as I was (still am) a self-employed web developer. At one point, apparently devoid of any creativity whatsoever, they were seeking a grant to wrap the area’s telephone poles with metal. The reason, according to these business owners, was so people would stop stapling promotional music posters to the telephone poles near their businesses. I said, “But… I LIKE seeing that stuff. Don’t you all like going to the shows and knowing who’s coming to town?” Basically, that’s gentrification — artists make a place fun, people are attracted to it and move there, and then a host of others act to screw it all up, both financially (via rent/housing prices) and also artistically (via examples such as this small, yet representative one). (I quit that group immediately, btw.)

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