Thanks, Jason! I agree 100% about execution as key to true idea ownership. I’ve even written some entire articles on that notion, as have others who, like you, have had this realization. Gary Vaynerchuk comes to mind as perhaps the most outspoken recent proponent of this idea (and I agree with him, too!).

As web developers (I saw that in your profile), we have an advantage over most business owners in that we already know how these things tend to work. We get to work with hundreds of businesses in the early launch phases; but for them, it may be their first time. Our challenge is convincing them to trust us.

So, that’s why I include the NDA. In some cases, it’s the opposite problem of what’s discussed herein — they don’t even know what an NDA is before working with me. For that reason, I also use my contract, in general, to help educate clients about business and tech issues related to web development.

Thanks again for your thoughtful response! (I haven’t written anything at all on GDPR as yet, btw.) :-)

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