Thanks, Marco! I think native English speakers have both major advantages and disadvantages in the world. On the plus side, English is the world’s international go-to second language. So, many English speakers (esp. Americans) never have a need to learn any other language. Heck, I just spent 4 months in India, and got along just fine. On the other hand, because we tend not to learn any other languages, we miss out on considerable knowledge — both in terms of how language works and also culturally.

I do speak a decent bit of German, and as of now some rudimentary Hindi. So, I can appreciate how difficult it must be to apply the advice I offered herein. It really does require a fairly fluent knowledge of the language! I suspect many native English speakers, though, fail in this manner more out of laziness than fluency, though. Your English, above, is *excellent*, though!

Also, thanks for your response. I’ve just started working on a presence about a month ago, and you’re my first-ever commenter here. :-)

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