This is a great F-ing article. I have three books out, all self-published, and ... *maybe* I've sold 100 copies total. lol, sucky... but I do enjoy writing, and found this inspiring. For me, the point you made that resonated most was the note about fear, as it sure seems spot-on regarding what holds so many writers back. In fairness, many of them are probably afraid because, deep down, they may realize that they're unsure about their writing. Your point about writing clean copy also comes into play w/ that, as I see a lot of how-to writing articles stressing almost the opposite of that (e.g., "just write whatever and get it on the page, and then edit later"). That's kind of the NaNoWriMo philosophy of quantity over quality. (Not to disparage that annual event, as I'm definitely a fan of it in general.) Anyway, nice piece. :-)

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