This is perhaps a rather sneaky comment, but… For a *lot* of workers in cubicle-type, entry-level, and/or other administrative work, you can also spend actual *work time* developing your side hustle. You can do it during down time, and/or you can even work to create down time, and reward yourself by working on something else during that time. (For example, think of a way to automate your job, and then you’ll create down time. Just don’t tell anyone you’ve done that, or they’ll pile on more responsibilities!)

I’ve also seen situation where workers got together to create a side hustle during work hours, and even got the boss involved. For example, at a CPA firm I worked at, a bunch of guys got together to start a rental business. They all chipped in and bought a property to rent out, and they included a firm partner as well. After that, they all spent work time on it all the time, and no one cared because the boss was in on it, too. That’s perhaps an unusual example, of course. But, grouping with coworkers definitely can offer advantages, in general.

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