Yeah, there are so many variables to the decision. For checked, a hard-shell case would be mandatory, of course. I kind of went nuts trying to locate options for that — looked in some unusual places, such as rifle cases, etc. Somehow, I thought there was some law (at least in the USA) about airlines having to accommodate instruments in some special way (esp for checked). But, I’m not sure & will need to look into that.

I did re-check the microKEY dimensions. The length is 33.4", and the article says 33". So, close enough for rock & roll there.

Agreed on the roll-up thing. I just couldn’t take one seriously.

I think the modular option is something that comes & goes fairly regularly. So, your timing on that one has to be right, or you’ll miss whatever the latest one is, and have to wait until the next innovation. Funny, they all claim this very issue as their inspiration as though no one’s ever done it before. But really it’s just that no one ever did it & stuck around to continue it. I guess once each crop of frustrated traveler-pianists buys up a lot, the market dries out for a while. That means, unfortunately, that if you go modular, you’re probably not going to be able to get one fixed or replaced if anything goes wrong. But, I guess most consumers would take that into consideration. (Hey, maybe just buy an extra module as a backup.) :-)

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