Yep, for sure! I’ve written on this, as well, in a screenwriting context (where it’s known as the “second act slump”). I agree 100% that plot is the key to overcoming this, and I see you’ve got a super site / tool for that (looks great!). I also have a theory as to why this occurs in the first place, which I’ve written up elsewhere. But, basically, I think it’s because people tend to think in abstract terms about their characters or events. For example, they’ll envision a hero who is “super clever” and “does epic stuff.” Only… once they get to the middle, they realize that they need to demonstrate this cleverness and actually have them do *specific epic stuff* — and that requires a lot of planning and work if it’s going to be the meat of an entire project. So, for me, when I hear about people struggling with the middle, I think the same thing as you… You need to work on plotting and specifics of your story. It’s a slump or slow-down because that takes time & effort. Nice article. I went to click “follow” but I saw I already was following you. :-)

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