“ You won’t turn that call center job into anyone’s dream job…” But, with Millennials … maybe you WILL! :-) Or, at least, maybe one *could*. Nice article… I agree 100%. I’m from Portland, which was famously described by the “Portlandia” series as the place “where young people go to retire.” I guess I kinda did that myself, though I’m a Gen-Xer. But, I cashed out of the east coast at 41 and moved west, became self-employed. The big criticism I got when leaving the kind of atmosphere that you described (though, thankfully, no staplers were thrown at me) was that I was “too idealistic,” which the old set views as naive / childish. I thanked them for what I heard as a compliment, donated all my suits to the Goodwill, and haven’t worn a tie since — not even once. In Portland, I go to meetings in rock & roll t-shirts, meet with clients always dressed about the same, and we just get to work. Millennials dislike the superficiality that has dominated the business world for far too long. … I guess my point is that *anyone* can be a Millennial, sort of, because part of it is an attitude, or better yet, a realization that a healthy % of what goes on in business is utter BS.

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